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Hezbollah and Takfiri terrorists are not the same

Submitted by Lee Jay Walker, Mar 19, 2014 18:29

In Lebanon the Hezbollah movement works closely with the main Christian party under Michel Aoun. Also, in Syria it is abundantly clear that Christians and other minorities return and their churches are rebuilt once the Syrian government and Hezbollah retake areas from Gulf and Western backed Takfiri sectarian terrorists.

Ample videos show Sunni jihadists beheading people and daily terrorist attacks via car bombs and so forth. Hezbollah is fighting in a conventional way and the leader of Hezbollah talks about preserving the mosaic. Therefore, Americans must not be fooled by the objectives of Israel and America in terms of foreign policy.

Simply put, Christians can not freely reside in Takfiri and al-Qaeda backed areas but Christians in Lebanon and Syria freely mix with Hezbollah. Yes, Hezbollah does have a problem with Israel and likewise Israel does have a problem with Hezbollah. Despite this, the issue is much more complex.


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