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Palestinian Media Watch Treasure Trove

Submitted by FactsRule, Mar 26, 2014 17:08

www.palwatch.org has much of the genocidal Jew & Israel hate spread over the last several decades among the now overwhelmingly intransigent blood-thirsty so-called Palestinians, a nom de guerre since the mid '60s.


The US has already recognized the Jewish State

Submitted by Wallace Edward Brand, Mar 14, 2014 20:48

The United States has already recognized the Jewish People's State. President Harding approved a Joint Resolution of the US Congress adopted June 30, 1922 approving the Palestine Mandate (that detailed the San Remo Agreement). It reaffirmed this action in a treaty entitled the Anglo-American Convention of 1924. See: SSRN.com/abstract=2385304 . Most people believe otherwise because of a misleading legal opinion circulated by a UN Committee at a time when the UN General Assembly vote had become dominated by an Afro-Asian and Russian bloc. SSRN.com/abstract=2404738 The San Remo Agreement, adopting the Balfour Declaration word for word, adopted its two step procedure in which the political rights for Palestine were put in trust when the Jews were recognized as their owner in 1920 so that the country would not be ruled by a minority as later occurred in Syria when the French set up an antidemocratic government with the small minority of Syrians awarded sovereignty. During the first step the Jews would have only a national home, but when their equitable interest in the political rights vested, the Jews would have a reconstituted Jewish Commonwealth.See "Book of Documents submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations Relating to the Establishment of the National Home for the Jewish People" compiled by Abraham Tulin, of counsel to the Jewish Agency. In 1922, 53 states recognized the Jews as owners of the political rights to Palestine when they approved the Palestine Mandate that further detailed the San Remo Agreement but limited Jewish control until the political rights had vested. In the "Jerusalem Passport" case, the Court of Appeals did not look back in time far enough. The Jewish legal interest to the political rights vested when the tacit trust terms had been met -- in 1950 and again in 1967 as to lands which Jordan had illegal occupied since 1948..


No surprise

Submitted by Geppetto, Mar 14, 2014 17:08

This is further evidence that Obama is a Muslim apologist and sympathizer and a coward. Israel has few friends around the world, a fact that does not speak well for those who hold that view, including Obama. But he hedges, hems and haws, pretending to be a staunch supporter of the only democratic nation in the Middle East while hiding the fact, in plain sight, that he, in conjunction with his anti-Semitic SOS, are really looking for a way to withdraw that support by claiming Israel is the intractable road block to peace, not the militant, Muslim Palestinians who are no doubt ecstatic over their good fortune; "Palestine from the river to the sea." Obama will then do what he's intended since he became the POTUS; allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb, after all, what could it hurt; other nations have the technology, including Israel, and the latter is free to fend for itself without any help from us. The man is a veritable evil genius intent on alienating former staunch allies and dismantling and weakening America, a country he hates.

Obama no doubt feels more comfortable and empowered by joining the Muslim, anti-Semitic mob. Bucking it takes American determination, courage and character all of which he demonstrably lacks. He is more than an embarrassment he's a menace and needs to be removed from office, post haste. Who will take this on? America is in trouble....deep trouble. That we brought this on ourselves and the rest of the peace loving world is no consolation.


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