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Nuclear Iran

Submitted by Marvin Gerber, Mar 12, 2014 16:27

Start with 2 cliches: It's the economy stupid and All politics is local.

The administration has not explained the economic consequences of a nuclear Iran. Iran will then have the leverage to dictate all sorts of polices in the Middle East and beyond.

With nukes the price of oil goes way up. This price of oil effects the US and world economy and the price of everything. Until we get solar powered buses and cars we will need oil.

Regardless of sanctions; Iran will find ways around them and reap the benefit of higher oil prices to support its terrorist agenda.

Perhaps the public understands terrorism but not how a nuclear Iran will effect the price of gas and the job market.


Obama's Muslim apeasment policy

Submitted by Geppetto, Mar 12, 2014 12:21

Since elected in 08 certain of Obama's actions and related statements he's made, indicate that he is at least sympathetic to all things Muslim. Whether he is a closet Muslim or does not like America is irrelevant. He, and those in his inner circle, apparently believe that warming relations with arguably the worst Muslim terrorist nation on the planet, Iran, and distancing America and the west from the only truly peace loving, modern, civilized, democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel, will lead to world peace, love and kumbaya.

That there is much skepticism, concern, hand wringing and criticism, from those he considers his inferiors, likely bothers him not a bit. Intellectuals pride themselves and measure their success by the level of controversy surrounding their actions. In their inner circles the more controversy the better. It's a mark of distinction, intellectual acumen and superiority. Those he's dealing with on the international stage are not impressed by his intelligence but are impressed by the naiveté and the ease with which he and his adoring minions can be manipulated and, like predatory sharks, they are taking full advantage.

Unless America reverses course, begins to flex its diminishing muscle and prestige and effectively confronts these growing and emboldened menaces to world peace there will be war. Perhaps nuclear war. MAD worked with the Russians who, like most, prefer life over death. It will not work with Jihadists, Muslim terrorists, who proudly proclaim that they do not give a wit for life, ours or theirs.


Iran can't be trusted

Submitted by Change Iran Now, Mar 11, 2014 21:26

Obama may believe he is embarked on a diplomatic quest with Iran that will result in a new détente that will lessen the chances of conflict and allow the United States to ease out of a strategic role in which it stands beside both Israel and moderate Arab states. But Iran has very different goals. The seizure of the arms shipment is a wake-up call for Washington. Sadly, Obama and Kerry are too besotted with their hopes for détente with Iran to listen to reason. The true nature of the regime in Tehran is not peaceful.


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