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Abbas rejects Israel as Jewish State in Mar 2014 and some are surprised?

Submitted by SWilliams, Mar 9, 2014 18:20

Has Hamas rewritten its Charter calling for the destruction of Israel? No. All other Agreements not worth the paper they are written on. Leaders come and go but enduring ideology exists. Don't be fooled.


Never going to happen

Mar 7, 2014 17:02

Until the Islamic world eschews its hatred for the Jews and the west ends or subdues its own religious bigotry against Israel, the thorn in its side, this dispute will never be settled. How many times does it have to be openly declared, as it is has been and continues to be by Abbas, or by Muslims shouting in the streets, "death to Israel" (and death to America) before the west abandons its notion that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of perpetual war against the entire non-Muslim world and most especially against the Jews who they view as apes, rats and pigs. This is not a territorial dispute, it is an existential one, with the tiny state of Israel at its center. If the west allows Israel to fall to these barbarians they'd best be prepared to protect themselves. That is most certainly not now the case.


no deal

Submitted by Rudy, Mar 7, 2014 13:45

Palestinians will never, never recognize Israel. Its a waste of time in asking for that. There will never be peace no matter how many release terrorist or offering from Israel is given. I just pray that Israel will not cave in to their demands no matter how much pressure and threats this idiot administration puts on them.


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