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near and far

Feb 6, 2014 07:42

I think the point is that the threats to Israel are increasing to the point where defenses are inadequate. If the jihadists ever become unified enough to launch a concerted attack, Israel would be in trouble. The fact that this might not be imminent doesn't really change that. And if you add in cyberwarfare, then you have threats from both near and far. It really isn't contradictory at all.



Submitted by Mahmoud Rateb, Feb 2, 2014 17:28

It is interesting to see how the writer contradicts himself from building a dark picture about the the 360 degrees Gunpowder threats surrounding Israel which are not eminent. However, he destroys his proposition by stating that Cyberwarfare will soon emerge as a more important discovery than gunpowder(which by the way is not so imminent?).

Cyberwarfare can be launched from anywhere in the world


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