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Feckless West

Submitted by Sam Snyder PhD MPH, Aug 29, 2016 16:40

The Islamists are using the cowardly politically correct Western leaders to push their evil agenda. Unless the rational non-feckless people in the West can throw them out and repulse these barbarian inbreds, we will see a new dark ages for a 100 years!


Sheep to slaughter

Submitted by Eric Brazau, Mar 18, 2014 16:17

Muslims do what is mandated in the Koran. Killing Unbelievers & Jews & ... everyone that is not a true Muslim. I understand that. What drives me crazy is the Canadian population as a whole are very passive & stupid. Or is it what is taking place is obvious but unstoppable?

So the masses pretend away. Knowing it will be a problem for someone else not themselves.Society as we knew it has perhaps 20-30 years? Islam in 2001 represented 2% of the population today 3%. Canadian are bending over not to offend them. What happens when they are 6%? I have been attacked in the streets twice for insulting Islam. The people just watched.

A woman pushed the panic button on the subway, morning rush hour. She claimed I was harrasing her because I was talking about Islam & the prophet. The riders were not upset with her but me. "you provoked her by insulting her religion" What will they say when they do blow up a train or plain or bus. It is not real because it has not yet happened in Toronto. Tell me are they still trying??


Do you have a link to the released CSIS report?

Submitted by Uncle Vladdi, Nov 6, 2013 23:28

What was the title of the recently-released CSIS report the National Post got ahold of?

Do you have any links to it yet?

What was "Abu Muslim"'s former name, and where did he and his family reside in Canada?

What made him decide to become a criminal holy mobster jihadi extortionist?



Terrorists plan

Submitted by Toni, Nov 6, 2013 20:01

Their plan of attack is to take over by non-violent and violent means. Non-violent by over population with as many wives as possible. Get into as much areas of business as possible in the infidels country. Be their friend for a short time until we have what "we" want in place for a take over. They will never co-exist with other people or especially, other religions. NO! They are spreading out to do as they have wanted for 1,000 of yrs. to take over the world! As you can see this takin place in Europe. Valdimir Putin is seeing it for what it is and he's trying to take charge of the situation in Russia a "smart" leader should!! Unlike our American president Obama who is supporting the terrorists. This IS very serious and it needs to be stop ASAP! Enough already with the politically correct, everybody's your friend BS! They are not here to "make nice."


Islamic Radicalisation

Submitted by Fwdinsight, Nov 6, 2013 04:43

Every one is radicalising everyonelse.. The Cente of all this is the Koran , Hadiths, Sidu as we have found in many other countries. The Islamic's beieve them and are considered HERETICS IF THE DON'T. As a matter of fact as we have seen so often in this age and others down the centuries YOU DIE IF YOU DON'T.


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Sam Snyder PhD MPH 

Aug 29, 2016 16:40

Sheep to slaughter [190 words]

Eric Brazau 

Mar 18, 2014 16:17

Do you have a link to the released CSIS report? [52 words]

Uncle Vladdi 

Nov 6, 2013 23:28

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Nov 6, 2013 20:01

  MUSLIMS BROTHERHOOD's founder & spirit leader [131 words]


Nov 10, 2013 22:15

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Nov 6, 2013 04:43

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Nov 5, 2013 18:58

JIHAD [27 words]

Esther Zack 

Nov 5, 2013 17:08

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