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Nuts Looking For A Purpose

Submitted by DC Bill, Dec 7, 2015 04:55

Uneducated western females are particularly vulnerable to any cause that validates their lives...primarily, those with some type and degree of mental or emotional illness. Most cases, these particular women find validation via romance and marriage. Although this demographic composes a small percent of uneducated western women, they pose a greater threat to society than any other demographic because western society does not expect affiliation with middle eastern cultures...the product being, "Sucker Punched". Regardless of ratios, these exceptions can be sufficient to create heavy casualties. Middle eastern radical ideologies are more than a movement; they are the munitions of any and all loose canons. And what more dangerous loose canon could there be than the canon that denial refuses to recognize ? So the $64 question now is, how does the west screen to recognize this anomaly ?


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