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Giving up the spies

Oct 18, 2013 00:51

Why would you expect any different reaction from the US and the Obama administration. It is quite obvious that BHO has very little feeling for Israel and this is the same administration that has done nothing about the death of an Ambassador and 3 other in Benghazi.


Turkey - the new player

Oct 17, 2013 20:42

I have more questions here than answers. Why is Turkey, a country that had finally clawed its way out of the pit of Islam, throwing away all tourist dollars in favor of returning to its dark past? And why is Obama cozying up to its extreme president, including slowing him the ability to build a mega mosque in Maryland? And why isn't the Obama administration angry that Turkey gave away these secret meetings Iran?

Everything here points to a very strange deal, yet, we know that Saudi Arabia is no friend to Iran. Obama would never switch sides. I'm totally confused on this one. Maybe one of you can sort this out.


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