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Bricks and Mortar

Submitted by Ahmed, Oct 10, 2013 15:52

Well! Its a 'Feel Good' Factor for the American People isn't it? If stealing few bricks and mortar allegedly belonging to the most current 'bogey man' gives people some comfort and security then fine, grab as much bricks and mortar that you can. Because the rest of the world will sleep well in the knowledge that 'the' Super Power with 46 other Countries could not defeat the 'Rag-Tag' Taliban.



Submitted by Danna Munley, Sep 19, 2013 17:43

In a time when we (US) is fighting for our country it makes me proud to know that America

still has a bite and a BACK BONE.


Not so secret connection of 650 Fifth to Iran

Submitted by RitaSue Siegel, Sep 17, 2013 20:44

This article reminded me that years ago, I was watching the progress of a huge ramp that was being built as maybe a third floor entryway on the northwest side of the building, the West 52 Street side. I live nearby and saw it often. At the time there was a sign on the ramp during construction (which may have become an escalator), that clearly stated that this was a project of Iran. I don't know whether the ramp was demolished or moved inside of what now looks like a traditional office building. Aside from it being unusual architecturally, I remembered it because as far as I knew, Iran didn't take credit for anything in New York..


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