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But what do you mean by 'castrating'

Submitted by Peter Liemberg, Sep 6, 2013 16:54

But what do you mean by 'castrating' Quanta / Dr. Ahmed?

Cutting the testicles from every virulently anti-semitic grey bearded male in a Jellaba who is preaching that moderate wife-beating, amputating thieves and executing people for adultery, homosexuality or for my part sorcery is OK and will give the devout muslim a free ticket to Allah's own paradise where 72 virgins await - since it says so in the hadiths or in the holy quran he is carrying with him?

(Apparently eternity is going to last just slightly more than 2 months for the moderately horny shaheed...)

Well, that certainly would make a few prospects reconsider, arriving at Allah's party without their sexual organs intact - a bit like Jeff Dunham's suicide bomber puppet Achmed, now shouting: "But, but - what happened to my balls?"

On the other hand, strapping yourself with explosives and metal parts and then blowing yourself up - at the Shia Mosque when you're a Sunni or the other way around - also bears the risk that essential sexual organs end up in the wrong coffin, given the mess you are making. So the possibility of castration might just be one more occupational hazard - something you wouldn't worry about all to much if the midsection of your body gets pulverized at ground level, while your brain inside your head might have an interesting last view of the second floor of the building where you decided to go "boom".

In my book, whatever the cause you are fighting for, if it requires you to blow yourself to smithereens and take as many as possible enemies with you on your premature schedule with Allah, is the wrong case by definition, but hey - if you people in the Middle East see this as a way to deal with their unbalanced demography all I can say is "To each his own" and if one really prefers stacking dead bodies over nurturing live ones "there's only so much the rest of us can do..."

What I'm really trying to say is probably this: It would take an incredible intellectual exercise to stay faithful to a believe that incorporates the death penalty for apostasy. For me, that would be an unacceptable part of the believe-system, whatever respect I was carrying for my ancestors.A true dealbreaker. "Thank you, but No, thank you...."

Yet I am perfectly capable of seeing that other interpretation - that moving yourself outside of the will of Allah, is in itself a death sentence - brought upon oneself.

Other than that: My hat is off to you Quanta / Dr. Ahmed. I think you are one of the bravest women on the planet - if not the bravest...




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