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We have NO PLACE in Syria!

Submitted by Shirley A. Smith-Rhodes, Sep 8, 2013 14:21

WHAT ARE WE DOING IN SYRIA? Did Congress declare war to depose yet another government in the Middle East? No, that is precisely the point, Congress did NOT declare war! Do we want to expand the muslim brotherhood even further? Do we want Syria to be like the mess in Egypt and Libya? The muslim system only works with a Dictator! Hopefully, a benign one but definitely a dictator! Violence is a part of their culture and permeates it! From childhood they are beaten into submission and hit constantly! We need to get our nose out of it and stick with our true ALLY, Israel! They are the only sane country there! Where are we getting the money? We can't feed our troops a hot breakfast because we're broke? Now we can afford to pick up another evil muslim brotherhood regime to take money we don't have and are borrowing for our children to pay back? Give me a break! We must stop all of our military actions in these muslim countries! This is a war between the Sunni and the Shia! Let them kill each other! Less to deal with! We need to bring our military home to enforce our borders and clear out the 35 secret terrorist training camps along with all of the "sleeper cells" that the muslims have set up within our borders, which the FBI, DHS, NSA, et al could not catch because they were too politically active trying to identify and shut us up! http://www.infowars.com/rebels-admit-responsibility-for-chemical-weapons-attack/


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