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End Muslim Brotherhoodin America

Aug 2, 2013 17:57

I couldn't agree more. Good for Vicky. This is absolutely the way to go.


End Muslim Brotherhood in America

Submitted by Vicky, Aug 2, 2013 12:06

We need to, as a nation initiate a 3 day work stoppage. No one goes to work for three days, on the same three days. We need to arrive in massive numbers, at facilities supported by our tax dollars, that we know, by overwhelming facts to be an eminent danger to our Constitution, our military, our community and our families as Americans. We need to arrive with bulldozers, backhoes, steamrollers and wrecking balls. Our government is allowing our enemies to kill us in our own country and abroad. Our government is arming our enemies. Our government is financing our enemies. Our government is allowing them to invade our neighborhoods and it is working to legislate any dissent, as a crime. Watch "Michele Bachmann on the OIC Blasphemy Laws and the Jihad on Free Speech in America". It's terrifying because it's true.


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