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Submitted by reason1984, Jun 15, 2013 01:27

The FBI visited suspect #1's mosque (Boston Islamic Society) months before the Boston Marathon bombing as part of their ongoing 'outreach' efforts. Didn't work so well. Mueller admitted that he didn't know of the mosques terrorist connections. God help us.


Commie Core

Submitted by Linda Quackenbush, Jun 12, 2013 16:00

Saudi Arabia and Aramco are busy indoctrinating and funding the Dept of Education with Oil for Islam program. Terrorist Bill Ayers spearheaded Common "Commie" Core and wears his Hammer & Sickle everywhere he goes. Most people don't realize the amount of trouble we are in as a country because the Liberal media, public educators and Obama's regime are squashing any type of negative publicity towards their radical agenda. Obama & Morsi are from the same cloth. They spearheaded the Arab Spring and are now working to do the same in America. Glenn Beck is right...The American people are experiencing a civil rights movement. I just hope they realize that they need to be proactive and actually march to the movement...Or we lose the greatest nation on earth...


Something Stinks

Submitted by Dianne Eubanks, Jun 12, 2013 15:59

Somehow this sounds un-American to me ... The last sentence says it all... "The problem too often is on what elements of the Muslim community those outreach efforts have primarily focused."


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