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It is Islamicism, not Islam

Jun 19, 2013 16:41

Edward that may be so, but the problem with Islamists such as the MB, AQ, Taliban etc is that they do not actually follow Islam - they just pursue domination and control, and just use (an inaccurate representation of ) Islam as a vehicle - the mob then follows through ignorance, fear and hysteria. We had it on the Christian side during the Spanish Inquisition - now the Muslim world has it - but it must be noted, resisted and exposed or we will all be slaves. The primary people who must resist this domination are Musslims themselves.


What does this have to do with Islam

Submitted by Edward, Jun 9, 2013 02:08

This has nothing to do with true Islam. If you read the Quran this time of insulting wasnt punishable under Quranic law nor did it have any merit during the prophets time. So again....just because a country that happens to have muslims does something crazy doesnt mean its Islam. I find your blog very one sided.


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