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Terrorist attacks......Why is this happening?

Submitted by Daniel, Mar 21, 2015 01:57

In your article you wrote: Why is this happening? The answer is simple – because our politically correct politicians and media refuse to acknowledge Islamist radicalization. They are more concerned about political correctness than safety.

Wrong answer.

The Answer: All that is happening is not by accident, chance, or some sort of political correctness misunderstanding. These things are financed, planned, and implemented and the inaction of our leaders allow it to continue. Therefor it has been allowed and permitted. Why? It is being used along with many other current government policies and misuse of authority to destroy our nation just like it has been against other nations. (If nothing else read the Art Of War.)

There is a scientific formula which fits the facts regarding this issue that states:" The more complicated the problem the simpler the answer". I have no faith in things changing because people do not want to hear the truth - they rather live in the bubbles of their manufactured dreams delivered to them by their overlords leading them to a predetermined end.


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