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I couldn't agree more

Submitted by No sharia, Apr 26, 2013 23:31

You couldn't have picked a better comparison of Zogby, Eposito, or Hanna to being as credible as Goebbels & Himmler after all the muslim faction(Mufti) were in collusion with Hitler in World War II.

I have voted Republican & I will again.

Appreciate your commentary

Take care:)


a history lesson

Submitted by mike, Apr 16, 2013 07:37

I have to agree with the previous writer who stated:

The comments by Zogby, Eposito, or Hanna are merely taqiyya posing as damage control. . As it stands, they're about as credible had Goebbels and Himmler hosted a panel discussion about the Nazis' "image" problem.

Zogby, Espisito and Hanna's comments reflect the profound stupidity of many Westerners when dealing with Islamic ideology. Of course that stupidity is not new and may actually reflect realpoltik values ...

In the 19th Century the European states propped up the Turkish Empire to the detriment of its Christian inhabitants. At that time too, there was some pressure for the Muslims to treat Christians as equals. In 1878, in order to prevent the expulsion of the Turks from Europe by the Russians (and to deny the Russians access to the Mediterranean) the Great Powers promoted the Treaty of San Stefano whereby Christians would have the same rights as Muslims in Turkey. Well, we know how that turned out...we had the pogroms against the Armenians in the 1890s, and final extermination of Christians throughout Turkey in the period 1915-1923. The treaty was neither signed nor honored, in part because it called for Muslims to ignore injunctions on how to treat dhimmis or infidels. The writers cited above make the same mistake, and as usual someone else will pay the blood price for their actions.


Obama's supporters criticize MB policy

Apr 15, 2013 21:18

Too bad this criticism didn't come before we shipped over all of those F-15's and the millions upon millions of dollars. Not that these opinions will count. Obama's narcissism won't deter him from his mindset.


Panel an elaborate form of taqiyya

Submitted by Edward Cline, Apr 15, 2013 12:02

Rossomando wrote: "The Brotherhood's rejection of equal status for women and the Copts, as well as its repression of opposition, have damaged its image, Zogby said."

Poor babies. They can't have their totalitarian ideology and eat it, too. And isn't that "image" merely a product of the Brotherhood's tactic of painting itself in a veneer of "moderation"? Wasn't the Center for American Progress founded with George Soros funding? http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/printgroupProfile.asp?grpid=6709

Isn't that "image" as devious and dissimulating as the Brotherhood wishes it to be in order to enable the U.S. to help destroy its "miserable house"? Doesn't it conform to the tactic of posing as a non-threatening force to beguile its critics? Why should anyone sympathize or empathize with Zogby, Eposito, or Hanna over their concerns over the "damage" to the Brotherhood's laboriously contrived image as a "positive" force for "change" anywhere, whether it's the Mideast or the U.S.? Sorry, but I'm not buying the idea that Zogby et al. are really concerned. They'll merely redouble their efforts to make the Brotherhood seem "respectable." From where I sit, that panel discussion is merely taqiyya posing as damage control. The Brotherhood's means and ends will remain the same, one of which has been to infiltrate the U.S. government on virtually all levels, from the White House to the DOD. If Zogby et al. had announced that the Brotherhood should be repudiated and disbanded, then I'd believe him. As it stands, they're about as credible had Goebbels and Himmler hosted a panel discussion about the Nazis' "image" problem.


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