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RanDom caPitaliZation

Submitted by Sam, Apr 16, 2013 10:51

Dear Emily,

You're easily dismissed as ignorant toward CAIR primarily by the fact that you believe 'IPT' is an unbiased and fair source of news (much less comment moderator), and secondarily by your abhorrent grammar and random capitalization. Arbitrarily capitalizing terms doesn't make your point official, or correct. It makes your message delivery as ignorant as your message content.

Yours truly,

An open-minded grammarian surfing the misinformation channels for bigoted rhetoric against the best civil rights organization in the country (CAIR), aside from its main ally in defending the Constitution, the ACLU.

PS. Bill's point is spot on.



Submitted by Emily Watson, Feb 20, 2013 14:11

CAIR is a Terrorist Group who uses the Courts to insist on Terrorizing its victims. No way should they get anything and they should pay for Defendant's Attorney's Fee.


Contradictory Legal Strategy

Submitted by Bill Narvey, Feb 13, 2013 15:59

Yerushalmi says the case is ripe for summary juddgment, but the closing point is that the case is scheduled for mediation.

The two steps appear to be contradictory.

If Yerushalmi sees that an application for summary judgment dismissing the case will probably be successful, which I presume would also award Gaubatz his legal costs in defending the suit, why not proceed with that motion before trying mediation?

If the motion is successful, that is the end of it. If not, there is always mediation.


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