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Strong system will deter Muslim of plotting in the future

Submitted by Muna, Feb 14, 2013 17:28

These kind cases will discourage and deter Muslims in the future. Thanks to our forces that are exposing and foiling these plots. Muslims think they can exploit freedom in United states to achieve their destructive ideology. because they do not have the right definition of freedom, and do not know how to apply it, they think freedom creates environment that facilitate movement and obtain all the tools to excute any plot. Muslims will be deterred only if they realize that their is a strong system that does not tolerate any kind destructive objectives within our country.


Muslim entry into USA

Submitted by saul hyman, Feb 14, 2013 07:16

This guy wasn't born yesterday. It is hard to believe that his jihadist views were not transparent enough to detect when he applied for a visa in Bangaldesh. Spending the amount of taxpayer money it must have taken to build a case against him after he arrived only serves to further his Islamic ambition to economically bleed America as an alternative to bombing.


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