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American Jews who voted for Obama are traitors to Israel!

Submitted by woodsman1st, Nov 18, 2012 08:48

I can understand American Jews first loyalty would be to America; however, due to the persecution of Jews worldwide, they should hold a loyalty to Israel almost equal to their loyalty to America.

With Obama's obvious and blatant hositlity to Israel, any American Jew who voted for Obama is thinking purely of their own personal gain while throwing family and their race under the Obama bus.How can they possibly hold any self respect whatsoever to vote for a President that holds such obvious contempt for Israel; a president that displays such wanton hostility toward Bibi; a president that refuses to even meet with Bibi? Israel should look upon them, and treat them as quislings, traitors, informers, and as being actually "anti-Israli"! Many American Jews have family...close family...living in Israel. American Jews are a slap in the face to any self respecting Jew. I am not Jewish; yet I am outraged with their vote and their behavior.

There remains little doubt that American Jews who voted for Obama are a dispicable, selfish, and traitorous offshoot of the Jews fighting for their very survival in Israel! American Jews should be shunned by Isralis! American Jews voting for Obama are a disgrace to the human race!


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