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Aug 2, 2014 15:03

For literally thousands of years Satan has been trying to lay siege to and claim God's chosen people. Satan is to blame for the evils of today's world; moreover, it is Satan, and his minions who are the driving force within the Muslim brotherhood, whose sole purpose is to deceive, if possible God's very elect chosen people. The 12 tribes of Israel are, and always have been God's chosen people; as is proven out by historical data, Islam would not exist, or have continued, were it not for the one and true creator God, who regardless of their actions against Israel is always there to forgive them. Islam originally began under Father Abraham and his wife Sarah. As Abram and Sarai, they were unable to become pregnant; therefore Sarai, under the kingship of her spouse, granted him the privilege of laying with one of her maid servants Haigai. She conceived a son, Ishmael.

Now what I am writing is completely taken from memory, so if anyone reading sees I am not correct, or has something to add, or to point out that is more key to the current issues, please point these out, and may this grow into a discussion all in support of Israel, that she will win out over Hamas in God's strength; God has never once failed Israel, or any of His grafted in Gentile peoples; why would he stop now?


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