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Liberal Protestant Christians

Submitted by JohnnyAnel Advocacy Group, Oct 28, 2012 10:17

Excellent article and correct in the calling liberal "Christians" out. The only aside I want to offer is that the majority of Christians do not have a hypocritical view about what is happening in the Middle East and around the world. One organization is CUFI (Christians United for Israel) in which help is given not only to Israel, but to the Christian community as well. Raymond is one of my favorite Mid-East policy writers and my FAVORITE HUMANITARIAN ONE.I will add one more thing in that the liberals are only one portion of Christian here in the U.S., misguided at least and not Christian at worst. Many groups help the foreign countries populations in trouble. The many missions are Christian around the world and other Protestant sects also do what they can. So...the Fact that some "Christians" can only point fingers compared to real Christians helping Christians from around the world, thankfully the number of helping, knowledgeable Christians is growing and will continue to grow as others begin to speak out as you do Mr. Ibrahim. Keep up the great work!


Ban Mosque

Submitted by Dan, Oct 27, 2012 12:34

Ban Mosque, provide safe passage of Christians and non- Muslims to Western Civilized Nations that would take them, those nations like Egypt demand safe passage of Coptic Christians to leave their country without fear of harm..

Western Countries must begin a move to shut down Mosque, we can no longer enable our own demise.

With this new world arrangement, Western Civilized countries can work together to live in peace and establish strength through power.

This is a start to end one phase of Global new world order, next is to set the record straight, we are independent nations dependent of one another for peace on earth, and damn it this is the way its gonna be.


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