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Underground railroad

Submitted by Linda Shoham, Sep 19, 2014 15:40

Just as many of the Jews of Europe were smuggled out after WWII to save their lives, someone should set up an escape route for all of the Christians in Pakistan, to begin with, and elsewhere as needed. Perhaps the Vatican could put some of it funds to this good use. These people need our help and they need it now. Perhaps some of the Christian churches could come together and support a way to get them out of the hands of those barbarians.

Please let me know what I can do to help personally.

Thank you


These precious children are suffering and dying for our sins

Submitted by Cathy, Oct 23, 2012 01:03

Jesus said that what is done to little ones is done to Him. These little victims are Christian martyrs and saints. We should ask them to pray for us that we would have the generosity and courage to bring the Christian Gospel and virtues to this sick, sad, empty culture.


America should DO NOTHING about this....we must not shed our Marine's blood!!!

Oct 22, 2012 19:47

Islamists are wild animals bent on destroying modernity. Why should we shed our American soldier's blood to preserve the lives of Pakistanis??? Christian Pakis needed to have left their country when they saw it being subsumed by Islamofascists. Now WE? have to rescue them...no..damn no. Similarly, Coptic Christians in Egypt should have left Egypt long ago when Islam swept ove rthat country in the last 3 decades. It is not our job to save these people from their negative counterparts. They need to rise up and kill Islamofascists...using rich Arab's $$ rather than precious American blood. And in the future, WHEN (not IF) the Islamic situation threatens up despite our avoidance of these scum, then we need to reinvigorate our NEUTRON BOMB program and take each animalistic country out without destroying the infrastructure...wouldn't want to ruin the pyramids or the Sphinx!


America should do something right away

Submitted by Frank Luke, Oct 21, 2012 22:23

I am very sorry to hear about the injustice and torture and rape of Christians in Pakistan. We need to pressurize Islamabad to take action against those men and to save Christians from this misery. We need to tie our financial aid to justice for Christians and protection for Christians. The men who do such barbaric acts will stop if the government in Pakistan begins executing them for such deeds. One reason why they continue doing such evil deeds is because they are sure the government will not hold them accountable.

Please let me know what I can do, personally


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