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Orlando Private Investigator

Submitted by GpStracker, May 1, 2015 11:17

The former name of the mosque was the Islamic Center of Orlando until it was changed in 1998.


Orlando Jihadi Imam

Submitted by Alan Kornman, Sep 5, 2012 19:08

Thank you for linking to my original story I wrote back in January.

The authorities put Marcus Dwayne Robertson in jail last January on a felony weapon charge leaving the FISA element out of that case. Robertson plead guilty and didn't even fight the charge.

Now we know why. I speculate, Mr. Robertson worked out some kind of deal for flipping on Jimenez. Robertson has a history of ratting out his associates at the first scent of a plea deal with the feds.

My concern now is what kind of support structure and Jihadist offspring is he still controlling from prison who live in the Central Florida area.

A hat tip to Aaron Zelin at Jihadology who broke the original story.


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