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Fuel For Neo-Isolationism.

Submitted by Charlie Grifffith, Jul 20, 2012 18:56

Add, of course, this Abbas chameleon to Maliki and Karzai......and a random few of those elastic Pakistanis.....as if we haven't already long known about corruption amongst our Muslim parasites, whom we accepted as lesser evils under the specific localized circumstances of their being supported. We made tough choices.

Shouldn't these now be considered as bad gambles?......on "nation building"?.... amongst elusive and shifting Muslim controlled areas.?.....which we've lost? Let's cut these losses right now, and remove our portable infrastructure and....most importantly....bring our young troops home. Contain and quarantine Islamic Asia....Cold War style.

A CBO fiscal analysis of all monies spent since our toppling Saddam, tallied and weighed against those chimerical elusive "benefits" will be shocking enough, with emphasis placed upon a tally of the American lives sacrificed for "time".

Terrible choices among terrible alternatives indeed......but let's get ourselves removed from that nasty cauldron called Islamic/Muslim Asia and switch our combat strategy against our declared enemies inside malignant Muslim Islam to Drones and applied Special Forces.


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