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Re: Islam expands in America. Who controls DHS?

Submitted by Mapguy, Mar 27, 2016 17:38

When DHS starts shooting, who will they be shooting at, Islamists or Islamophobes?


Islam expands in America

Submitted by jarnkm, Mar 27, 2016 15:08

Islamist are 'setting up shot' right here in America. Their religion is allowed in our schools, while Christianity is basically banned. Today, there are 22-35 Islamic Jihadist training camps throughout our country. OUR FBI and DHS talk about it in Washington, but they have made no move to stop it 'on the ground'!! In the past few years, the DHS has gotten an unusual amount of ammunition and weaponry, plus a large increase of vehicles. It would be interested to find out just what they plan to use it for! A few web searches can supply a lot of information that has not been made 'open' by OUR government controlled/censored news media sources.


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