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Nov 13, 2012 23:06

Not all Arabs are Muslim. Ignorance rears its ugly head again.


What Are These Arabs Contributing To America?

Submitted by Charlie Griffith, Jun 6, 2012 19:03

Before we create yet another group of entitlement-seekers-as-victims delving into our stretched budgets, we ought to ask these Arabs what specifically they're doing to actively combat the terrorism of their co-religionists (...assuming of course that these Arabs are all Muslims...).to justify receiving any financial or other "aid" leaving us open to the vulnerabilities of Islamic "lawfare".

Ask these Arabs to explain how their Koran permits them to live and benefit from our heretical, materialistic society? Isn't this hypocritical? Beware of taqiyya.

We should ask politically incorrect questions seeking explanation (s) such as are they as small or large groups or as individuals members of Hamas-affiliated C.A.I.R.? Are they members of a Muslim mosque? Have they sought financial help elsewhere?, if so, where, specifically?, as with what results? Is this a further claim of "victimhood"?

The aim of such pointed questions is to prevent opening us non-muslims up to charges of racism, "Islamophobia", and/or otherwise making us non muslims vulnerable to Islamist "lawfare" tactics.

This is a potential legal can of worms , and a potential opening wedge or precedent for justifying further claims as yet unknown natures.

In sum, be aware of precedent setting openings leading to unforseen circumstances.

Good luck.


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