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Brotherhood supporters in congress and senate

Submitted by Thomas, Mar 26, 2015 10:56

Where can we get a complete list of congressmen and senators that support the muslim brotherhood so we can get it out to our friends?


The New World Order

Feb 23, 2012 13:25

A fiction book, America 20XX: The New World Order, gives a chilling scenario of how Islamists are invading America from every avenue and source. It begins with the slow erosion of liberty, to control of the economy with gas prices, to destroying the existing balance of power in the Middle East. When they become one, with one agenda as they have now, they become even more dangerous - as they are exhibiting. Israel is on the brink of extinction. The United States will be invaded from the south - once its resolve and love of liberty is destroyed from within. This article is a perfect example of how that is happening. The book is a scary read that gives an example of what might happen. God Bless and protectAmerica.


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