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Feb 8, 2012 21:47

I am sure that there is a way to reach the goal that we have of breaking these crimes; but, when we say "strengthen" our ties with South America, we have to consider this: Our efforts will be useless if we continue our policy of giving money to these countries for development when the money is usually put into the pockets of dictators. Our lesson in Pakistan, where the percentage of the money given to that country went directly into the dictator's pocket, it a stupid waste of money. The dictators will not be grateful to you, they will arm their own people to come against is because no thought was given to the restrictions and the manner of delivery, nor the goods or services rendered to help these countries. If the rulers say they are doing something, but indeed are doing something else and threatening our National Security, how can you even thing of giving one red cent to a dictator or leader of a country like that? If you wanted to make food drops, clothing and some means of shelter, the good are always sold on the black market. We need to start making it a mandatory condition that we deliver the good, we spend the money for them, and we make sure the money goes where it is suppose to go. Continuing to make the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results is known as crazy; it does not help the people who need the help and only helps our enemies or those who would do us ALL harm, including their own people. When will you listen to the people and STOP aiding ANY country that supports terror, that has always taken the money for themselves, and does nothing that they say they will do. This is why the true American citizen is tired of hearing the word foreign aide; it is NOT foreign aide, it is a payoff for a dictator or group of terrorists, and that is helping the terrorists kill our own people. Crazy? I'd say it is time common sense and strict policy on foreign policy is reconstructed, and that the people of the U.S. have a say in these policies; after all, our military are dying because of these CRAZY policies and decision, and useless money given to the enemy is NOT foreign aide, it is paying a bribe or extortion fee. We as a nation have had a "policy" that was told to the citizens, we don't do that, even when our military or civilians are taken hostage. But, as foreign aide, it is deemed a necessity to give terrorists money to use to fight against us and to kill our own people. WELL, WE AMERICANS WHO KNOW BETTER WOULD LIKE TO FIRE THE NEXT PERSON THAT SUGGESTS FOREIGN AIDE TO GIVE TO DICTATORS AND TERRORISTS!


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