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Allah, Qur'an 5:38 "(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS"

Submitted by Stephanie, Dec 29, 2012 05:18

"Al-Qaradawi: No Chopping Off of Hands Now…But Later is OK"

... in accordance with the sadist Allah, Qur'an 5:38 "(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS" (also from kids for stealing e.g. a 50 cent candy bar in the supermarket)




Submitted by Larry peterson, Feb 13, 2012 13:24

The Koran states that "Infidels" will be allowed to live among us, as long as they propose to change to our Religion." Religious wars are not wars. They are to change your core beliefs under Penalty of death. That is a challenge to our core beliefs. It is not winnable-so how can it be a war? Instead it should be defined as a challenge to our way of life-our souls. We cannot, we must not, let them win.



Submitted by shehu, Feb 10, 2012 01:21

i think there is light in what he has said. Of course we do know what is happening in egypt


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