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kerry....you are full of baloney .... do you not remember 9/11

Submitted by mindy, Jun 10, 2014 18:59

John Kerry, remember the guy who returned from Viet Nam ... remember the anti American things he said with our troops still fighting??? John Kerry, do not refer to the Obama Five muslim taliban killers as "baloney." Let's all google "john kerry and his anti american stance re viet nam" we will have lot of fun putting it on the internet.

I respect the soldiers who have come out and told us what happened with bergdaul...thank you for your service.


Sad day for America

Submitted by Bobby, Jun 6, 2014 16:15

Would we have traded Hiltler's top five commanders for a private soldier who was promoted while in captivity to appease someone......s


No Mention Of Bowe Bergdahl

Jan 20, 2012 11:16

I know the government would like to sweep Bowe Bergdahl under the rug as they release these murderers, but new media can not follow suit. No release with out Bowe's release first.


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