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Era of Gutter Rat Media Propaganda

Submitted by True Patriot, Dec 30, 2011 21:30

As 2012 arrives the radical change in media becomes more disturbing. Instead of reporting we are given what they want us to hear versus any real news from around the world.

The uprising and violence in the Middle East is only one example of how far from truth new media has become. It saddens me to see our Great Christian Nation be so infiltrated with evil propaganda, or totally cut off from the truth of what is unfolding in the Middle East.

Patriots are leaving TV media all networks in droves & turning to the internet & foreign media to find out what is really happening. So now we have a looming threat of having the internet controlled USSR style.

Joe McCarthy tried to warn America 45+ years ago the US was being infiltrated by devout Communists in our Colleges, Media, & especially Hollywood. Just think if his warnings had been heeded what could have been avoided for our great Nation of Peace & Liberty


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