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Havlish et al.

Submitted by John, Dec 26, 2011 23:42

The exhibits for the case are well worth reading.

It's unclear to me, from the Finding of fact and law, how much of the testimony of the defectors was accepted by the judge. He does, at least, believe that some of the warnings received by the U.S. before 911 were coming from Mesbahi. Interesting....

Apart from those defectors, a high portion of what was presented seems to have been known for a while, certainly to the US government, most would have been available for the 911 commission, and a bit is even mentioned, if tucked away in footnotes.

Kephart's work on visas and travel history is really, really solid, and expands on what she did for the 911 Commission, and what's found in her book. It's also incontrovertible. It also connects well with the evidence on Mughniyeh, which is stunning: he's meeting 911 highjackers and flying into Teheran with them shortly before 911.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays in DC, where Iran is far more factious than Iraq ever was. I can hear it now, "Havlish lied, people died."

On which topic, about two months ago, a statement was released by the lawyers for the plaintiffs, that the CIA had twice attempted to suborn two of the witness, including one of the Iranians. CIA also had copies of materials that were only to be found in the possession of the lawyers for the plaintiffs (i.e had never been made public). The lawyers reported this to Intel Oversight Com and the interference immediately ceased. Not a word on the subject since then.

Anyone notice what a lot of new designations of Iranians from State and Treasury, just these last 12 months? And that on top of Alavi F. Just the other day, 10 million USD for an AQ bagman working out of Iran! A bagman!

DC's Iran doves may be loosing their hold on power.


Is the Muslim Brotherhood our enemy?

Submitted by Frank Livingston, Dec 26, 2011 13:19

Rep. Allen West needs to be elected the new Speaker of the House so he can direct the fight against Shariah law and have each committee to hold hearings to identify our enemy, study them, and defeat the worldwide Caliphate that is being advanced in America and around the world. It would be nice if the House held hearings to identify our enemy but our "RINO" John Boehner will not do it.

I conducted a simple THOMAS review of the words that could be linked to our enemy and to see if any politician, Democrat or republican has filed any bill to identify our enemy, stop our enemy, defund our enemy, etc: Sharia, Shariah, caliphate, Muslim Brotherhood, Baathism, Shi'ite, Totalitarianism, Theocratic, Sunni, Jihadi, or Islamist does not appear so apparently there has been no bill submitted to identify and stop our enemy.












Jihadi Islamists-0






Saudi Arabia-9



Salafi extremist jihadist ideology-0


Jihad-1 bill submitted, December 14, 2011, H.RES.495


If Americans would like to extend a "thank you" to Israel, this would be a good time to do so...

Submitted by David Firester, Dec 23, 2011 17:25

"Until Osama bin Laden's attacks of September 11, 2001, [Imad] Mugniyah held the terorirst record for killing Americans." This factual statement was drawn from Lightning Out of Lebanon: Hezbollah Terrorists on American Soil, Tom Diaz and Barbara Newman (New York: Ballantine Books, 2006; p. 62). The title of my comment is a reference to the assassination that had been carried out by Israel upon Mugniyah, 12 February, 2008. When I'm asked how Israel is vital to American national security, among other responses, I inform them of this precise service. Mugniyah was the nexus between al Qa'ida, Hezbollah and Iran. He was able to evade American capture since the 1970s. Thanks Israel!


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