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above article on drones

Submitted by rich knauer, Mar 17, 2015 10:37

Sanctions do not work. They are to hard to enforce. The Iranian program is way to far along. Its Sept 39. Would sanctions applied to Ger work in stopping Hitler? Did they work against North Korea. For 20yrs Iran has been on this path. Did anything work against Nasser and Egypt in 67? The only way to stop them is regime change, But at this time in the game even that is not enough. Stop talking like a fool. Sanctions may have worked 10 years ago. Anyone who feels sanctions are the answer at this time is a fool who does not want to face reality.The west has backed Israel into a corner and are now finishing up the process. Once again the Jewish nation is being force on its own to strike; 1938 with Neville Chamberlain all over.


Stick to your guns Isreal

Submitted by Ted du Bois, Jul 11, 2012 23:03

Who can truest this pro Islamic white House????????????

I believe the Islamic holy book says it's ok to lie to your enemies, and that is just what our president has done, even saying yes to gay mairrage and homosexuality which is against the Islamic religion.


terrorist number one

Submitted by robbie, Feb 23, 2012 10:26

Israel must do what is best for the people of israel and to protect against errant ahmdingd dictator before he could use nuclear weapons against the west


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