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Submitted by Ed, Oct 5, 2011 19:24

I wish I did, Rob. We can't seem to get our local Sunday newspapers to run an article on this, or Muslim persecution of Christians, or any other horrific event that we're familiar with. Perhaps if we flooded them with hard copy of articles, but even then, I doubt very much that they'd run the story or bother to investigate further. This needs to be a solid plank in the conservative campaign platform for 2012 because it surely won't show up in the Dem's platform. As long as our politicians are complicit by their silence, and the media is complicit in their lack of coverage, options are few.


What do we do now

Submitted by RobH, Oct 4, 2011 11:25

If this is being put forth as legitimate koranic interpretation, then what can we do about it? We read these blogs like IPT, Jihad Watch, Atlasshrugs, and we complain and curse and then do nothing. Out politicians don't want to point out who the enemy really is, and we are drowning in our political correctness and it will kill us. What are we going to do? We can't kill them all and let God sort them out--but we need to do something to protect our society and its people. Anyone have any idea that goes beyond complaining?


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