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Payout to the victims

Submitted by mixplix, Sep 11, 2011 17:47

Ask the Red Cross that got caught scalping off funds donated to the WTC attack and saying that enough was enough.


We Should have seized saudi assets!

Submitted by Dave Tincher, Sep 11, 2011 15:15

The U.S. should have seized the saudi's oil wells for at least 15 years and out of the proceeds indeminfiy the victim's famillys, the cost of the war, the cost to reconstruct the towers, and forward some of the oil sales profits to the saudi people, and sell the oil for a reduced price to break up opec. The problem with the middle east is the oil money flows to terrorist. After all this then return the oil to the saudi's or other middle east countries with a clear warning about next time this happens the oil will be seized and not given back.


Finally The Truth Will Be Told

Submitted by John Acord, Sep 11, 2011 14:57

The Bush family are closely allied with Saudi's and other ME tyrants. They invaded and destroyed regimes hostile to th Saudi's. Iraq had not one terrorist in any attack directed at he US or for that matter Israel. The ranks are filled with Saudi's, Yemeni's, Eqyptians and UAR Arabs.


And why has the U.S. been protecting Saudi Arabia?

Submitted by Oldironsides, Sep 11, 2011 13:46

Recent posts elsewhere claim Osama bin Laden decided to attack America because he objected to the huge U.S. military base in Saudi Arabia. The base was created to protect the government of Saudi Arabia. Now your story reveals that the Saudi government itself was an accomplice in the 9-11-2001 attacks. And almost immediately following the attacks Congress passed the Patriot Act which threatened our Bill of Rights. There is almost enough here to make me into a conspiracy nut.


Saudis are not our friends

Submitted by LIAMD2, Sep 11, 2011 07:59

Hopefully, the American people will begin to realize that the Saudis are not friends of the United States. Through Saudi funded organizations like CAIR, they "own" many of our elected officials. A good example of this is NYC Mayor Bloomberg.


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Payout to the victims [21 words]


Sep 11, 2011 17:47

We Should have seized saudi assets! [104 words]

Dave Tincher 

Sep 11, 2011 15:15

Finally The Truth Will Be Told [49 words]

John Acord 

Sep 11, 2011 14:57

And why has the U.S. been protecting Saudi Arabia? [79 words]


Sep 11, 2011 13:46

Saudis are not our friends [40 words]


Sep 11, 2011 07:59



Sep 11, 2011 07:58

Let the truth come out. [24 words]


Sep 11, 2011 07:11

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