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Police shouldn't be spooks in the Intelligence Community w/out Intelligence degrees!

Submitted by Fabian Lamy, Aug 29, 2011 17:26

Well, first off the CIA was issued countless of executive orders such as EO 12333, for conducting intelligence activities, that was passed by the President of the United States, National Security Counsil, Senate, Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and The Director of National Intelligence for the Intelligence Community. But, police officers aren't Intelligence Secret Agents, and they shouldn't try to be like CIA personel whom specializes in Foreign Affairs and when their activities are dangled in domestic affairs, things get complicated because CIA agents are not police officers who need a warrant to apprehend a fugitive, they're Spies and assassins for the U.S. Government, not local PD that aim to bulley people or try to intimidate U.S. citizens, but if you ask me, I don't mind if the NYCPD has a larger budget to buy new and better equipment and to pay for more training to help their personel apprehend their terrorist threats in their own city; but it shouldn't even be the CIA or the NYCPD to monitor CAIR, because it should be Homeland Security or the FBI, or maybe the NSA! But, personally I feel that Homeland Security with most police departments aren't adequate enough, to be emplemented in the spook field; because they're not submersible enough because they aren't trained to be that way, like CIA, FBI, NSA personel. But, once CAIR has more members whom are also contacts with GIA, GSPC, AQAP, AQIM, HAMAS, Hizbullah, Hezbollah, or any aid from Los Zetas, then CIA will close the Gap! Then things should be even more discrete and should remain in the shadows, and we'll see more dead terrorist leaders and their followers killed from Strategic drone strikes on the news because of Central Intelligence Agency's experience and expertise in dangling secret agents in today's present web of covert ops in "The Looking Glass War" against terrorism.


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