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Did I understand you right?

Submitted by mzk, Apr 16, 2012 09:27

Did you say Al Queda is actually quoting MEMRI?

Did they have the "womens' articles" they promised?

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Let us hope the rest of the leaders follow the example they encourage (without other damage, of course).


What's all the fuss about 'Inspire'?

Submitted by Doc, Jul 20, 2011 22:34

I find people get a bit hysterical about 'Inspire' - probably simply because its AQ's web-published e-mag. Its very glossy and well put together from a graphic design viewpoint but its content is pure Islamofascist propaganda that appeals mainly to Muslim moonbats that like that sort of thing, wanna-be mujahideen and weak-minded dhimmis. Its full of stridently religious blowhard rhetoric and gross exaggerations. Given the ocean of garbage on the 'Net, only stands out because it looks prettier than most of the other garbage. Not a reason for many authorities in the West such as the Australian Attorney General to try and ban or restrict access to it. That only serves to peak people's interest in what is otherwise a very boring publication.


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