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Setting the Record Straight

Submitted by Gregory S. Jones, Jun 7, 2011 19:59

My paper has been misinterpreted by you and several others who have written about it. First, it was done by me for the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, not as a part of my activities at the RAND Corp., where I am a part-time adjunct staff member. Based on IAEA reports, I calculate that Iran could produce within two months the amount of enriched uranium needed to make one nuclear weapon. I said nothing about when Iran might produce a nuclear weapon itself. It is uncertain if Iran has the ability to put that material into a bomb, although it seems likely Iran is working on that technology. The goal of this work, which I've been doing for several years, is to highlight Iran's nuclear ambitions, not to be alarmist. I have not proposed that the U.S., Israel or any other country invade Iran. Rather, I am pointing out that since there is no concrete way to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the U.S. must develop policy options based on a clear understanding of Iran's capabilities.


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