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Iran (Arian race) rising

Submitted by Don Shields, May 31, 2011 15:53

Saudi Arabia is the covert primary target of the Iranian expansion. With control of Mecca they can claim to 1 billion moslems that they are the Protectors of the Mosque and Faith. The Saudi Gawar oil field is second. Hell has been unleashed,,, Thank you George Bush and Barak Obama. It took both of you to stumble into this.


They were united in WW II for World Dominance

Submitted by TruthofAmerica, May 31, 2011 15:10

This is no surprise - if you studied World War II, you would know the Arabs were in lock and step with Hitler! Nazism just another name for Islamists and their belief of world dominance!

Iraqi Arab nationalists, like their counterparts in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt, had been much influenced in the 1930s by the rise of Nazi Germany. Hitler's National Socialism attracted them as a spectacular, authoritarian model for achieving Iraqi national unity and a wider union of Arabs in the region. In Baghdad the first official Arabic translations of parts of Hitler's Mein Kampf appeared in 1934. In order not to offend Arab sensibilities the final translation "edited" out Hitler's racial theories about inferior "Semites" – making it clear that anti-Semitism related only to Jews, not to Arabs.


One dictator for another

Submitted by Early Light, May 30, 2011 15:52

These people are not accustomed to ruling themselves so, having deposed one dictator, they set themselves on a course to select another. This is where "democracy" leads. This is why the United States was created as a republic with certain democratic prinicples.


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