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Homegrown Terrorists & Crime cont...

Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Aug 4, 2009 22:22

In 1981 in Nyack, New York another group of "homegrown terrorists", members of the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground decided to use the robbery of an armored car as a means to finance their terrorist agenda. In the process Police Officers Waverly Brown and Sgt. Edward OGrady along with Brinks Guard Peter Paige were gunned down. The defendants were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to long prison terms. Daniel Boyd's tape recorded comments about "hitting banks and armored cars" are a stark reminder of the methods used by terrorists to raise funds.


Crime & Jihad - an unholy partnership

Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Aug 4, 2009 20:08

Daniel Patrick Boyds comments about "hitting banks and armored cars" as a means of providing financial support for jihad is astounding. This coming on the heels of the story regarding M-13 gang members and drug dealers being utilized by Al Qaeda for logistical support in smuggling members into the United States demonstrates again the unholy alliance between criminal activity and terrorists that stretches beyond prison walls and national borders.


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