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Looks like I'll win my bet

Submitted by Fred Baehr, Apr 5, 2011 00:09

A few months ago I made a bet with a new friend of mine, a professor of political science at the cute little campus of BYU-Hawaii. He's the kind of guy who thiinks Israel is the problem - an illegitimate state based on expropriation, expulsion, and ethnic cleansing. Sounds like every country in the western hemisphere doesn't it? Anyway, he's a real modern thinker in the Chomsky mold. Well I bet him that the Brotherhood was going to take over in Egypt and when they did they would institute Islamic type dress codes (as well as abrogate their treaty with Israel), and he bet me the most expensive dinner in Honolulu (pretty damn expensive) that they wouldn't. Now this has to happen before our next elections but it looks like I have plenty of time to win. They aren't even in power yet and they are already pushing it! I love it! I wonder how much the most expensive dinner in Honolulu can get to be? Since he is a Mormon, should I buy my own drinks, or make him pay for them too?


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