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Koran Burning

Submitted by Dr. Sanford Aranoff, Apr 2, 2011 08:59

The pastor said the Koran burning was a good act, necessary for world peace. However, the media does not discuss the logic, but instead dismisses the act. The media is wrong. There is powerful convincing logic behind this burning, and we are seriously remiss by our universal failure to appreciate this logic. The point is that Muslim schoolchildren learn the Koran as an ideal way of life. This teaching includes the noble ideal of killing people who are not Muslims and refuse to convert. The pastor is fighting this idea that kids learn in Muslim countries. The Western world must join the pastor and condemn teaching to kill. Just because billions of people think killing for religion is good does not make it good. We cannot win the war on terror until we focus on the teaching for murder the kids learn. We need to have TV shows with Muslim classrooms with English subtitles.


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