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How dumb

Submitted by FactsRule, Feb 6, 2011 23:29

LeT & Al Quaieda are, of course, simply, Islam. If Pak isn't fighting Islam all of the way, only Al Q but not LeT, they're, of course, not fighting Islam, which no one should expect at all from a Muslim country. U.S. political & military leaders continue to have their collective heads in the sand, endangering us all. God rest the souls of those barbarically slaughtered in Mumbai, including the 2 wonderful Jewish leaders who never stopped helping others constantly, Gavriel & Rivka Holtzberg, 29 & 28 years old. God should pour out His just Wrath on these sub-insects who torture murder the innocent.


Military forces being killed by Jihad does not mean the leaders are not involved

Submitted by shipley130, Feb 6, 2011 20:10

Just because Pakistani military forces are being killed in fights with terrorists does not mean that they are not supporting the jihad effort. Those military leaders don't give one fig about the soldiers being killed. You can take that to the bank.


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