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Dangerous misinformation

Submitted by Huda Mzioudet, Feb 3, 2011 17:32

Oh my Gosh that is so scary all these allegations of apocalyptic Green threat coming out from Tunisia. The article teems with manipulative, essentialist and at times fallacious statements about reality on the ground. I do not recognize Tunisia in most of the description and twisting the Wikileaks cable's gunpowder for the Tunisian Revolution renders it less credible. It reminds me of French right-wing media like TF1 and Le Figaro, France Television that cared only about the safety of French tourists stuck in Tunisia than the plight of people in Gasserine and Regueb and warned about Al Qaeda Maghreb taking over. I seriously think that such a piece will only throw fuel on fire about an imaginary threat. I am from Tunisia, a secularist and think the Tunisian Revolution is a cry for freedom of disaffected Tunisian youth rather than human bombs ready to blow up the West.


Tunisian Revolution

Submitted by Ali Alyami, Jan 23, 2011 18:50

The Tunisians are among the least religious people in the Arab and Muslim Worlds. . The men and women who gave their lives to oust the butcher of Tunis were not protesting to restore Islamic law. They were fed up with a tyrant family that oppressed and humiliated them for more than two decades.

The only way the Islamist may have a chance in Tunis is if the West let the Saudis, Iranians and other Arab and Muslim dictators pour billions of dollars to build infrastructure and feed people like they did in Gaza and Lebanon.

Ali Alymi


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