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Terrorism Again

Submitted by A R Thompson, Jan 5, 2011 05:08

There is to much Talk, and not enough Action,Nations will suffer, and Culture to,and those that sacrificed there lives in WW2, for you are opening gates, to those that murder you,and appeasing the rest in hope that it wont happen to you.

For the cloud of Islam is spreading fast. And you and are Nation, Idly stand by.why you ponder what to do, Its at home we need to put matters right. and bring in new laws to finalize this problem. For if you do nothing,the Islamic world will take over you

Get rid of your traitor's,and start afresh, with the sword of christianity at your side. For in God we Trust, for if you dont, Allah is not far away, which will bring the downfall of your own Nation the USA ,and my Sovereign state will collapse in its wake, for the echos will Vibrate around the world and the burden of Darkness will remain for Centuries to come.

Wise Men of your Country take the first step, be Brave like your Fathers of the past used to be,


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