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Jordanian Education Ministry .

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 30, 2010 06:42

I am not surprised to hear about this as cover up there past, and to hide the truth of there Grand Mufti of WW2 who had friends in High Places Herr Hitler and His Murderous Vile Satanic Nazis who where worshipers of the Devil as he did there bidding,For this Muslim Mufi, followed in there footsteps, who was so involved,and devoted to he got his Masters form Nazi-land to send the people of the promised Land to Poland and not to there promised Land of Jerusalem's which is the rightful home of all Jews, were baths and showers awaited if you privileged to be a Jew! and many peoples and whole family's perished because you were of Jewish faith,but if you were a Muslims it was all right for you.

Don't Cover up the Past, Learn From it Jordanians.


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