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Infestation of Terrorism and Little Rock

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 24, 2010 20:40

Gentleman I really do think,we are a Nation Losers,when we put this group of people through are Judicial system at great expense to you the taxpayer and a further drain on the Countries funding in the name of Justice.

So that you can feel better about it, and convince yourself, that whatever the sentence,it will be Courts of law that decide the Terrorists fate, this leancy needs to be amended, and put in place a much stronger and more positive approach when these Murder's Rise there Ugly heads and slaughter your Citizens.

For they have declare war on you,without consideration in there quick decision to Murder.

Give them the same decisive treatment. For they have got a lot more in store and will start to change tactics, with the new type ingredients in store for you. But of course this is not news to you, just sit there until it hurts you, then you will wake up, after you have suffered.

We realy need a new approach on a Global scale to deal with this problem.


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