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Submitted by Michael Kirkby, Dec 2, 2010 21:37

It irks me to no end when I read about these people whining for more money. How many billions of dollars have the US, the EU and the Arab peoples throughout the world donated to the Palestinian cause? How much did the PLO, Fatah or Hamas pour into building a proper infrastructure; hospitals and schools? Not much! What they didn't spend on rifles and ordinance they spent it on fattening their international bank accounts; building large personal villas; driving luxury cars. The guy in the street meanwhile had to sell his wife's dowry for food. That was only a couple of years ago too. I'm geting this from an Egyptian journalist who regularly reports on the Middle East. Arafat could have had a Palestinian state years ago. His arrogance like Fatah's and Hama's have denied their people sovereignty. So excuse me while I refuse to support the Turkish flotilla brigade or the poor Palestinian causes, which appear to be based primarily on violence, negativity and just general stupid arrogance. If it were anyone but Israel or the US, those boats would have been at the bottom of the Mediterranean. I have a lot of issues with the Zionists but not with the Israeli people in general. The Zionists persecute their own people and there are more than enough starving Jewish children who haven't received any international help or assisstance. It just seems that the world has this double standard. I can't wait to leave this idiotic dimension.


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