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Operation Hemmorage

Submitted by William Fay, Nov 29, 2010 04:12

I have several thoughts on this. The first reminds my of my infant children making the statement: "I meant for that to happen" Second: Terrorist splinter groups are not as well funded as they once were and must resort to low budget tactics. Third: Their unsuccessfull bombings have in fact caused us to spend a great sum of money for prevention and opposed to their view of this causing a financial hemmorage it has further stimulated our economy. I would like to thank them for their contribution for the many new opportunities...


To Discover the Sources of Terrorism

Submitted by A R Thompson, Nov 25, 2010 06:52

To penetrate any organization we must train men of the own culture,who are willing to undertake such a mission,and commit unspeakable crimes,for it is a case of a loss of a few lives to save many thousands of others.

For you must become become a terrorist, to destroy terrorism in are areas of the world.

For we make a effort to put on this mask,and penetrate this Satanic culture, with trained men, and do as they have done to you, and set up are own training camps, this will take time,but,and the rewards are priceless.

For you are not dealing with normal human beings. so you have to reciprocate in the same way, Its like putting a traitor in your own back yard.And that would cause concern to you, but far more disturbing to Al Qaeda & Terrorism!.

During WW2, A counter espionage centre was set up over the entrance to Baker street tube station, and many heroic deeds where performed as the result of such a development of Ideas.

We must also must consider, the possibilities of such an enterprise, and add more tools to fight this never ending evilness that raises it hand against humanity.

For such a body of trained peoples,would have access to the devil.


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