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Strong evidence for enhancement

Submitted by Sashland, Nov 20, 2010 02:43

This is an explosive filing. Wow.

more info at:



IPT: Thank you so very much for all your work in publicizing and cataloging information on this case and so (too) many others. You provide an outstanding and essential service. Your site helped me greatly to understand the nature of the evidence against Seda and to refute the gloss of his supporters. I refer directly to your site for conclusive evidential links.

It was by reading the indictment on your site, and seeing the trophy photo of executed bound Russian POWs from his computer, that I learned the ugly truth and my red flag went up. Now others will see the fuller evidence that my intuition and gut hinted at... will they reconsider their support for Seda now?

The money went directly to a Chechen terrorist training camp. He knew the money went to terrorists. He talked about joining the battle. He signed the travelers checks. He lied in the IRS filing to cover it up. He fled the country to avoid arrest and charges. 8 years is justified, if not more. he has blood on his wallet, if not on his hands. We will never know how many died because of the money he transfered.

He talked about joining the battle. Wow.


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